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Tijs Verwest was born on 17 january 1969 in Breda. His interest for music started very early,at the age of twelve he already created music. When he reached twenty it became very serieus. Now a days he is one of the most famous and beloved DJ 's in the world, according to Paul Oakenfold the "Godfather" of the English dancescene. Since november 1999 he monthly performes as a resident in Gatecrasher at Leeds, the most popular club of England. In february of that same year he has a break trough with his spectecular set at Innercity. And with Gouryella, a production with Ferry Corsten, he get's a Top-20 hit in England. But however the fame and glory of this incredible DJ the man behind DJ Tiësto is still a very normal guy from Breda.


Tijs has always had the feeling that he wanted to share his music with others. He never seriously had in mind to become such a star but everything became more and bigger. At the end of the eighties he mostly played in a little club called Spock, in Breda. Every thunderday, friday and saturday from 22.00 till 4.00 hour in the morning. At that time Breda wasn't the center of House music but that has made the style of his music and the final 'sound of DJ Tiësto'. There weren't any other DJ's so he wasn't influenced by the style of others. Spock was very small club, however very extravagant like the Roxy. There was space for two hundred people.

"It didn't matter if there where less people, I could do what I wanted, the isolement from other DJ's was good. Through that I could develope myself and my music." In the beginning of his carrier as DJ he mostly played new beat and acid house, sometimes some Madonna.Tijs likes the work of Madonna because her music shows that she likes to dance. Before the release of her album there where already dancemixes. for example 'Vogue' was one of the songs of Spock.

He also loves to do sets for seven or eight hours. "Because when you play somewhere for two hours you'll never know what's before and after you. you can't play the same ID's. Seven hours is long to play and after such a performance I am exhausted, because when I play I have to translate my feelings into music. That needs a very hard concentration. Fifteen minutes before I begin I am so in myself that I don't hear anyone talking to me. Playing music is more than put some vinyl on my equipment. timing is the most important thing in house music. You can play the same tracks at two nights but at one night the public get's bored, the other night the people are partying there heads of! Beeing a DJ and perform is like a top sport."

Spring, 2004 Tiesto & BT released a single called 'Love Comes Again', wich almost instantly topped all the charts throughout the globe. Heineken got him to be the face of the THIRST World Tour. After touring in Europe, he visited Asia, Australia, South- then North-America. In May, 2004. he released his second artist album, 'Just Be' including the hit-single 'Love Comes Again'.

Autumn brought the rewards for the hard work: he won almost every imaginable award, including Ibiza DJ Award &8211; Best International Dj (2nd time in a row), Belgian TMF Award: Best DJ of the Year (2nd time in a row).

He topped the DJMAG TOP100 list THRID TIME IN-A-ROW! At the night of the award show, he held Tiesto ; In Concert II. This event &8211; in Arnhem, Gelredome &8211; was sold out &8211; 25000 tickets - only in 2 hours! Three In Concerts in 2 weeks! Several First place & awards, 2 albums released and a small tour in the States at the end of the year.


This year he decided to slow down a little bit, and he chose to visit countries he never been to, get some real clubbin. It seems, that He is not appearing on any of the big events this year.

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