Bob Marley .
Bob Marley, August 1979

We remember the brilliant and evocative music Bob Marley gave the world; music that stretches back over nearly two decades and still remains timeless and universal. Marley has been called "the first Third World superstar," "Rasta Prophet," "visionary," and" "revolutionary artist." These accolades were not mere hyperbole. Marley was one of the most charismatic and challenging performers of our time.

Bob Marley's career stretched back over twenty years. Du ...
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Kobe Bryant . KOBE
His parents named him after a type of steak (Kobe) seen on a restaurant menu prior to his birth.

Spent eight years of his childhood in Italy and is fluent in Italian.

Has two older sisters, Sharia and Shaya.

His father, Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant, averaged 8.7 ppg in 606 career games in the NBA.

Was named MVP of the 2002 NBA All-Star Game.

Won the 1997 NBA Slam Dunk Competition.

Graduate with the class of '96 from Lower Merion Highschool, Ardmore, PA.

Drafted by the Char ...
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Tijs Verwest was born on 17 january 1969 in Breda. His interest for music started very early,at the age of twelve he already created music. When he reached twenty it became very serieus. Now a days he is one of the most famous and beloved DJ 's in the world, according to Paul Oakenfold the "Godfather" of the English dancescene. Since november 1999 he monthly performes as a resident in Gatecrasher at Leeds, the most popular club of England. In february of that same year he has a break trough with his spectecular set at Innercity. ...
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Lil Rob .
Lil Rob knows that many rap fans have a hard time relating to artists who constantly glorify hard to obtain material items. Thats why the legendary San Diego rapper chooses to remain rooted in reality. With a string of successful underground albums from 1997 "Crazy life" to 2000 "Natural high/high till I die" Lil Rob has become a favorite in Los Angeles, Phoenix and has native San Diego, largely because of his honest raps about everyday life.

The gifted rhymer delivers another intoxicating batch of hits with his new ...
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Probably the biggest of the Rock en Espanol bands, Mexican group Mana has a long history. The core members started recording together under another name in the early 1980s, finally releasing the debut Mana album in 1988. Their sound mixes traditional Mexican and pan-Latin elements with reggae grooves and a heavy '80s-rock influence. There's a strong socio-political foundation to the band's lyrics, borne out by the members' social activism, and marking them as a "people's band." As a massive international prese ...
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Carlos Santana . Santana
Carlos Augusto Alves Santana
Born June 20, 1947 (1947-18-20) (age 60)Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico with two brothers and four sisters and a father who was a mariachi violinist. Carlos began playing the violin at five years of age, occasionally performing with his father's mariachi orchestra. When his family moved to Tijuana when he was nine, he became interested in the guitar, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and blues music and soon was For influence of the guitarist and teacher of the Mexican rock Javier Batiz & TJs band p ...
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Angelina Jolie .
Angelina Jolie born n Los Angeles, California, Jolie is the daughter of actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Jolie is the niece of Chip Taylor, sister of James Haven and the god-daughter of Jacqueline Bisset and Maximilian Schell. On her father's side, she is of Slovak and German descent, and on her mother's side she is French Canadian and is said to be part Iroquois, although Voight once claimed Bertrand is "not seriously Iroquois," and they merely said it to enhance his ex-wife's exotic background.

Afte ...
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Paris Hilton .
Paris Whitney Hilton Born in New York City February 17, 1981 (1981-02-17) (age 27)

Hilton is the oldest of four children of Richard and Kathy Hilton. She has a sister Nicky and brothers Barron and Conrad.

On the maternal side of her family, she is a niece of two child stars of the 1970s, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards. Hilton was related by marriage to Nicole Richie's godmother, Nancy Davis, when Nancy's brother, Greg, was married to Kim Richards.

Hilton's paternal grandparents are hotel chairman Barron ...
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Ivy Queen .
Background information

Birth name Martha Ivelisse Pesante
Also known as The Queen of Reggaeton
Born March 4, 1972 (1972-03-04) (age 36)
Añasco, Puerto Rico
Origin Puerto Rican
Genre(s) Reggaetón
Occupation(s) composer, singer
Years active 1994–present
Label(s) Univision Music Group, Abby Records
Associated acts DJ Negro

Ivy Queen has earned her name as "The Queen of Reggaeton" due to her success in her genre of music. She is among the few female artists in the reggae ...
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akwid .
Akwid's Sergio Gomez and Francisco Gomez immigrated to California from Mexico as children and settled into the cross-cultural live wire of South Central Los Angeles. There they

formed the Juvenile Style DJ crew as teens and adopted the nicknames "Wikid" (Sergio) and "AK" (Francisco). Obsessed with the beats and attitudes of American hip-hop, the Gomez brothers began to blend that sound with elements of traditional Mexican music. Blending their DJ handles to form Akwid, Sergio and Francisco focused on the b ...
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